How could you reduce your IHT liability?

Please read through the following questions and select the options for those items that apply to your circumstances. Enter your contact information where indicated and we will send you a complimentary report.


  • 1. Would you consider that the value of your home, business, possessions, cash and investments exceed £325,000 (or £650,000 for a married couple)?

  • 2. Do you currently have a Will in place?

  • 3. Do you have children, or other family and friends that you may wish to leave your assets to in the event of your death?

  • 4. Would you be interested in making gifts to those people whilst you were alive, either to simply help them out or to minimise your exposure to Inheritance Tax?

  • 5. Have you made any substantial gifts (greater than £3,000) to family and friends in the last seven years?

  • 6. If there was a way of making further gifts (greater than £3,000), and in a way that protected the gifts against anything that may happen to the chosen recipient, would you choose to protect them?

  • 7. Have you ever set up a trust?

  • 8. Have the assets that you would like to give away increased substantially in value since you acquired them?

  • 9. Do you have any interests in a business or company, or own agricultural property?

  • 10. Would you like to find out more about investment strategies that can be used to minimise your Inheritance Tax exposure?