Do you need to submit a tax return?

Please read through the following questions and check the boxes for those items that apply to your personal circumstances. Note that this planner identifies individuals who should be submitting a self assessment tax return not businesses. All limited companies and partnerships are required to submit a tax return.

If you read through the list and you are not affected by the first 14 questions then it is possible you are not required to file a tax return. However, you should take professional advice to confirm this. Please check the final question and we will contact you to discuss. There will be no charge for the initial discussion.


  •  Are you self-employed - either as a sole trader or in partnership?
  •  Are you a company director, minister, Lloyd's name or member?
  •  Is your annual income in excess of £100,000?
  •  Do you have income in excess of £10,000 from taxed savings, investments or other sources; or income in excess of £2,500 from untaxed savings, investments or other sources?
  •  Do you have income in excess of £10,000 from property or land (before deducting expenses), or, £2,500 after deducting allowable expenses?
  •  Do you have no current income that is subject to tax under the PAYE system?
  •  Are you employed and need to claim expenses in excess of £2,500?
  •  Do you or your partner receive Child Benefit and do either of you have income over £50,000?
  •  Do you receive income from overseas that is taxable in the UK?
  •  Do you have any Capital Gains Tax to pay?
  •  Have you lived or worked abroad - subject to residency considerations?
  •  Are you a trustee of a trust or registered pension scheme?
  •  None of the above questions seem to apply to my circumstances.

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